Position Statement: Emergency Fund Diversion

The idea of diverting unspent funding allocated for emergency relief and military construction (including Corps of Engineers funds) to pay for US-Mexico border barriers is being considered by the President.

Our area was devastated by Harvey and still faces the threat of future flooding. Barker Flood Prevention (BFP) adamantly opposes diversion of disaster recovery and flood mitigation funds to any other purpose. These funds should be protected and expedited to the intended relief efforts.

BFP urges the Texas delegation of senators and representatives to aggressively oppose the redirection of these funds and to fight to protect them as well as using every means necessary to expedite the delivery of these funds to the affected areas for their intended purposes.

We encourage our supporters to contact legislators to share your opposition and request that funds be expedited. Barker Flood Prevention will be holding a community meeting with Sheri Willey, Deputy Chief of Project Management for US Army Corps of Engineers to discuss current Corps projects related to our reservoirs and watersheds.

To find your representative click here.

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