Our Mission

Barker Flood Prevention is a non-partisan, volunteer group advocating flood management solutions for the Barker Reservoir watershed by coordinating with public agencies and elected officials, educating the community about flood management projects and policies, and encouraging timely implementation of effective projects.

Our action items are:

  1. Increase conveyance within the Barker Reservoir watershed and surrounding area through de-silting and channel realignment projects
  2. Increase capacity in Barker Reservoir through selective or mass excavation
  3. Increase conveyance out of Barker Reservoir by building a flood tunnel or other means
  4. Manage the Cypress Creek overflow by building a third reservoir or other means

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Call to Action

After a series of public meetings, the USACE is soliciting comments from the public regarding the scope of the Buffalo Bayou and Tributary Resiliency Study, potential alternatives that should be considered, and environmental resources and impacts that should be addressed during the study process. **Comments should be postmarked by May 31, 2019 for consideration during the formulation and technical analyses phase.**

Comments can be provided in one of two ways:

  1. Submit electronically to: BBTRS@usace.army.mil
  2. Mail to: USACE, Galveston District,
    Attn: BBTRS, P.O. Box 1229,
    Galveston, TX 77553-1229

For additional information on the study, visit: https://www.swg.usace.army.mil/ or

Barker Flood USACE Recomendation

This letter has been submitted to the Corps on behalf of Barker Flood Prevention. Please feel free to use this submission as a guide for your own correspondence. You may copy the letter verbatim if you wish.

Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Resiliency Study
May 02, 2019

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March 07, 2019